RAM Vending Inc.
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About RAM Vending Inc.
RAM Vending Inc. is owned and operated by the Ramsden Family, and is based in Riverside, Missouri, central to the metropolitan area. We offer our customers several advantages that most of the larger operations can't offer. Since our company opened its doors in the early 1990's, we have treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our customers will tell you that our services are the best. RAM Vending offers a full spectrum of vending options, including:  office coffee, office paper goods, filtered water service, coffee machines, all major brands of cold drinks, fresh cold food and dairy, frozen food and desserts, chips, candy, fresh pastry, gum and mints. We use primarily national brand favorites, with a blend of local choices, and pride ourselves in offering everything at fair prices.
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Photo of one of our current customer's equipment
'Top of the line' hot drink machines, with several options of fresh ground gourmet coffee, blended with several choices of chocolate or cappuccino. May be set for coin vend operation or free vend. These units may be installed on counter top or on an optional cabinet base.
Office coffee service equipment, tailored to your available space and budget. Put us in charge of keeping you supplied, and enjoy the freedom of worry-free service.
Reverse osmosis pure water dispenser. Served in three temperatures: hot, ambient, or cold. Say goodbye to that clutter of 5-gallon jugs, you wont need any!! With a direct water line, filtered and processed, you will have an uninterrupted supply of pure water.
We're committed to helping you!
   If you’re looking for a high quality and personal vending service, you’ve come to the right place. At RAM Vending Inc. we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We are large enough to accommodate even the largest locations, yet small enough to treat each customer like you were our only customer!!
What we have to offer
 Featuring a complete line of vending services including: 
  • Modern equipment with the latest in coin and bill technology
  • ​Fresh cold food, dairy and specialty drinks
  • Cold soft drinks, and juices from all of the major bottlers
  • Snacks, using a wide variety of National Brand favorites, and special request items.
  • Frozen items including ice cream and other food selections
  • Hot coffee and drinks, either vend or office coffee choices.
  • Reverse osmosis filtered water systems: pure water, yet no bulky jugs to juggle
  • Office supplies delivered to you. You name it, and we will find a source with competitive pricing.
  • Friendly, dependable employees, that are determined to exceed your expectations.
  • Quick access to the entire Metro area, from our central location.

Tired of getting a pocket full of quarters when you need to break a larger bill? We offer the latest in bill technology; the bill recycler. Now you can insert your $10 or $20 bills and get back $5 bills and your small change.
For your convenience, we can add credit / debit card readers to our equipment!!